LSERSA race 4 – Aldershot

On 4th September 2022 a vast majority of our Bromley members headed to Aldershot to race in the second to last LSERSA race of the series.

Big congratulations to Adam who took the fastest male and fastest of the day! Also another big congratulations to Lila who took the fastest female.

In club teams we had 3 teams compete in the U12 race and 2 in the U14 and above.

In the U12 race Bromley A (Marcus, Emilia and Jude) took 1st. Our U14 and above race, we had an unexpected turn of events. In the Semi-finales Bromley A (Ben, Toby, Lila, Boden, Phoebe) and Bromley B (Paul, Mathilda, Daniel, Tony, Ruth) had an exciting battle leading to an unexpected turn of events. Our A team had a little mishap and it led to the B team winning, sending them into 1st and 2nd play off and our A team to 3rd and 4th. As a result our B team came 2nd and our A team came 3rd.

Full results here:

Here are the results:

AdamMale U181st1st
BenMale U183rd3rd
TobyMale U185th6th
LilaFemale U161st 10th
BodenMale U164th14th
NoahMale U123rd20th
PhoebeFemale U142nd22nd
PaulMale MAS 21st27th
MarcusMale U101st31st
EmiliaFemale U123rd40th
DanielMale MAS 11st46th
MathildaFemale U144th47th
JudeMale U128th53rd
MartinMale MAS 12nd60th
JessicaFemale U127th66th
ElisabethFemale U102nd68th
LeahFemale U103rd69th
FlorenceFemale U104th71st
RuthFemale MAS 11st100th
Lorna Female U81st104th
HannahFemale U82nd110th
Well done to Tony for persevering. : )
Female U8: Lorna 1st & Hannah 2nd
Female U10: Elisabeth 2nd & Leah 3rd
Female U12: Emilia
Male U10: Marcus 1st
Male U12: Noah 3rd (Marcus collecting for Noah)
Female U14: Phoebe 2nd
Female U16: Lila 1st
Male U18: Adam 1st(Lila taking for him) & Ben 3rd
Male MAS 1: Daniel 1st & Martin 2nd (Lorna taking for him)
Male MAS 2: UNCLE PAUL 1st
U14 and Above club teams:
B team 2nd & A team 3rd
U12 : A team 1st

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