Snowsport South 2022 is back with a BANG!

2022 Snowsports South, Round 1, Snowtrax.

Only 5 of our racers attended this race but they sure did show the other clubs that they may be small but they are mighty!

Toby came in at joint 7th overall in the U14s and above , Lila coming in close at 12th, Boden in 18th, Phoebe in 23rd and last but certainly not least Lindsay in 29th. We also had an exciting mix up between us and Aldershot A in the club team 3rd and 4th play off. Unfortunately, we weren’t quite able to beat them.

Great work guys!

Now for the individual category results!

Lindsay Female Masters 11st!
LilaFemale U163rd!
TobyMale U181st!
Phoebe Female U141st!
Boden Male U165th
Congratulations all but a big congratulations for Toby’s first ever 1st place!

Find all the results here:

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