LSERSA is back for 2022 starting with an amazing race one for Bromley!

Congratulations to all of our racers who participated in the first LSERSA race of the season!

Really good results throughout each category. Adam Grecula took the win for overall fastest male and overall fastest. Closely followed by Sam Gaskin (Smoothie) 2nd overall and Ben Brown following up in 5th. These results meant a really exciting match up in the head to heads.

Lila Ayton also took 2nd overall fastest female.

Once again great results from all our racers.

We also had a great result for our club teams. Bromley A big gates team came 1st.

We also had a great result for the Stubby teams. Bromley A came 1st and Bromley B came 2nd.

Find all the results here:

Club MemberCategoryRankOverall
Adam GreculaMale U181st1st
Sam GaskinMale SEN1st2nd
Ben BrownMale U183rd5th
Toby EverestMale U184th9th
Boden KellyMale U163rd11th
Lila AytonFemale U161st16th
Paul BuntonMale MAS 21st21st
Phoebe EverestFemale U141st25th
Noah GreculaMale U123rd32nd
Marcus PopMale U101st36th
Emilia PopFemale U121st37th
Mathilda TownsendFemale U144th38th
Martin GreculaMale MAS 11st41st
Jessica KellyFemale U123rd48th
Elisabeth KrojzlFemale U101st55th
Florence TownsendFemale U102nd60th
Jude CollierMale U126th63rd
Piers FirthMale U212nd69th
Darcy CollierFemale U149th72nd
Lorna ParkinFemale U8DNFDNF
Lindsay AytonFemale MAS 1DNFDNF
Tony HarperMale MAS 1DNFDNF
U10 girls
Elisabeth Krojzl 1st, Florence Townsend 2nd
and Emilia taking the medal for another racer
U10 Boys Marcus Pop 1st

U12 Girls
Emillia Pop 1st and Jessica Kelly 3rd
U12 Boys Noah Grecula 3rd

Female U14 Phoebe Everest 1st
Male U14 Boden Kelly 3rd

Female U16 Lila Ayton 1st
Male U18 Adam Grecula 1st, Ben Brown 3rd
Male U21 Piers Firth 2nd
Male SEN Sam Gaskin 1st
Male MAS 1 Martin Grecula 1st
Male MAS 2 Paul Bunton 1st
Bromley A team for the win in club teams
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