LSERSA Race 2 at Welwyn Garden City

LSERSA Race 2 that took place at Welwyn Garden City was another massive success for our team of talented racers.

Bromley’s Club team 2nd place

Congratulations to all of our racers who participated in the LSERSA Race 2 that took place on the 11th June 2022 you all skied amazingly!

So great to see so many travelling to races on different slopes other than our home slope.

Ben took the Fastest overall racer of the day! Toby took 5th fastest and Boden took 6th. Lila also claimed 2nd fastest female.

Bromley’s Stubbie Club team 1st place

Not only did the racers perform spectacularly on their own they also raced to their absolute best in club teams. Bromley Big Gates team took 2nd and the Stubbies team took 1st!

Find all the results here:

Now for the individual results!

NameCategoryCategory rankOverall rank
Ben Male U181st 1st
Toby Male U183rd5th
Boden Male U162nd6th
Lila Female U161st9th
Paul Male MAS 22nd15th
Phoebe Female U141st19th
Marcus Male U101st32nd
Jessica Female U123rd36th
Mathilda Female U144th37th
Tony Male MAS 12nd38th
Emillia Female U124th40th
Jude Male U125th45th
Elisabeth Female U102nd48th
Florence Female U104th57th
Lorna Female U81st67th

Lorna 1st U8
Elisabeth 2nd U10 Girls (the girls stood in the wrong order)
Marcus 1st U10 Boys

Jessica 3rd U12 Girls
Phoebe 1st U14 Female

Boden 2nd U16 Male
Ben 1st U18 Male & Toby 3rd U18 Male
Tony 2nd Male MAS 1
Paul 2nd Male MAS 2

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