LSERSA 3 Brentwood

Congratulations to all of our racers who participated in the LSERSA race 3 at Bentwood which took place on the 16th July. Really good results throughout each category. Adam took the win for the overall fastest Male and overall fastest, with Ben following in 3rd overall. Lila took 2nd fastest overall Female. Noah took 2nd fastest Male MINI with Marcus following closely behind in 3rd. We also had Jessica in 2nd fastest Female MINI.

We entered three teams into the Club teams: two big gates and one MINI. All teams skied their best. This led to amazing results in both Big gates and MINI teams. In the big gates race Bromley A came up top in 1st place and Bromley B came in 3rd. We also had the MINI team place 2nd.

We also had some of our racers compete in fun teams and Florence and Lorna (in different teams) both placed so well done to them too.

You can find the full results here:

Adam Male U181st1st
BenMale U183rd3rd
TobyMale U184th4th
BodenMale U161st8th
LilaFemale U162nd9th
PhoebeFemale U141st13th
PaulMale MAS 22nd19th
TonyMale MAS 11st28th
Noah Male U122nd29th
MarcusMale U101st30th
MartinMale MAS 12nd32nd
MathildaFemale U145th33rd
JessicaFemale U122nd34th
JudeMale U127th47th
FlorenceFemale U102nd49th
LornaFemale U81st61st

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