On the 9th July a big majority of our racers competed in the Chatham CN and all went home with great results. Congratulations to all.

Here are the results:

Ben BrownMale U183rdMale 6th
Sam GaskinMale SEN3rdMale 7th
Boden KellyMale U163rdMale 12th
Toby EverestMale U184thMale 13th
Paul BuntonMale MAS2ndMale 23rd
S├ębastien AnthonyMale U143rdMale 25th
Lila AytonFemale U162ndFemale 4th
Phoebe EverestFemale U142ndFemale 15th
Mathilda TownsendFemale U14 3rdFemale 17th
Noah GreculaMale U123rdStubbies 3rd
Marcus PopMale U101stStubbies 6th
Emillia PopFemale U12Joint 2ndStubbies 8th
Jessica Kelly Female U125thStubbies 12th
Florence TownsendFemale U101stStubbies 17th
Florence Townsend U10 1st
Marcus Pop U10 1st
Emilia Pop U12 joint 2nd

Noah Grecula U12 3rd
Phoebe Everest U14 2nd
S├ębastien Anthony U14 3rd

Boden Kelly U16 3rd
Ben Brown U18 3rd
Sam Gaskin SEN 3rd

Paul Bunton MAS 2nd
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