2020 Team Evolution Special Slalom – Welwyn

COVID-19 has brought adjusted race formats, with bubbles and strict schedule for start / finish times. A new and tricky format to get used to in these uncertain times, but thank to Paul Telling and the crew at Team Evolution for all their efforts for getting some racing onto the calendar!

Bromley put in a strong showing. Flo just missed out on a podium in the U8 girls, but Marcus topped the U8 boys. Emilia came 3rd in the U10 girls, while Bode came 2nd in the U14 boys. Adam Grecula and Ben Brown had a tussle for the U16 boys with Adam coming out on top this time, Adam 1st and Ben 3rd in a very tight race. Evie Ayton, took the U18 girls 1st place. Well done all…

Club MemberRaceRank (Overall)
Evie AytonFemale U181 (10)
Adam GreculaMale U161 (2)
Ben BrownMale U163 (6)
Lila AytonFemale U144 (17)
Boden KellyMale U142 (19)
Emilia PopFemale U103 (73)
Jessica KellyFemale U104 (79)
Noah GreculaMale U104 (59)
Florence TownsendFemale U84 (86)
Marcus PopMale U81 (68)