2019 Snowsport South Summer Series – Round 6, Snowtrax

Another excellent day out for Bromley @ Snowtrax with strong results across the board for our racers. Florence, age 5, took part in her 3rd race and the club came 1st in the club Teams race (Evie, Lila, Rebecca and Ben)!

Club MemberRaceRank (Overall)
Ben BROWNMale U141 (3)
Evie AYTONFemale U181 (7)
Lila AYTONFemale U141 (13)
Rebecca FORTEFemale U182 (29)
Lindsay AYTONFemale Masters 12 (38)
Mathilda TOWNSENDFemale U104 (72)
Florence TOWNSENDFemale U86 (96)

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