19th June Mash-up London Schools/Snowsport South/Gloucester CN

Yet again another mash up, we had lots of our racers heading off to different races again. On the 19th June we had one of our racers taking part in the second part of the London Schools race. Two others at the Southampton Snowsports South race. There were also still others in Gloucester racing in Club National.

The London Schools race part 2 was for secondary school students. We had Boden compete and he took 1st out of the secondary school boys.

The Everest Siblings headed to Southampton for the Snowsports South race 2. They also came back with amazing results. Phoebe took 1st female U14 and Toby came 1st Male U18.

At the Gloucester Club National there were even more amazing results. Lila came home with a 1st in female U16 and 4th overall fastest girl. Paul came 2nd in male Masters 2 and 22nd overall fastest male.

Congratulations to all of these racers.

For further results for the Southampton race click here:


For further results for the Gloucester Club National click here:


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