Paul in race action…

What’s Your Name?
Paul Bunton

How long have you been with Bromley?
1 year but was with them many years ago.

What got you into skiing?
When I finished motorbike racing, skiing was the next closest thing.

What got you into ski racing?
Learning to ski at Bromley and watching the Bromley racers training.

What do you like about skiing with the club?
Everybody gets on and it is a friendly club and a good atmosphere.

Have you done any other club roles?
I was athletes rep for LSERSA.

What’s a typical race day like for you?
Early morning, get to slope, have a coffee and see how the day goes.

Where are you now and are you still skiing?
Yes I’m still skiing.

What would you say to young skiers just starting out and wanting to join the club?
Give it a go, come along. We are all nice people and will help you out.

What would you do a little differently?
Try not to compare myself to others and enjoy the day.