Elle in action for Bromley!

What’s Your Name?
Elle Ayton

How long have you been with Bromley?
6 years

What got you into skiing?
My parents started me skiing at 18 months with my little plastics skis and shared Ayton all-in-one

What got you into ski racing?
We saw the British Champs happening in Meribel and me and my sisters wanted to give it a go so we found a local dry slope (Bromley) and gave it a go!

What do you like about skiing with the club?
The atmosphere within the club at training and races days is really friendly. You can speak to any members and parents easily and we all get on very nicely

Have you done any other club roles?
I was my school Ski Team Captain for 4 years and am now the Race Captain at University of Bath

What’s a typical race day like for you?
University race days are a lot of fun! We head over to the slope on a big party bus and the racing is evening based so normally starts mid afternoon with a pretty late finish and big après party! It’s pretty much all team duals with mixed teams, girls teams and snowboard teams, the main prizes are alcohol and sweets 👍🏼 🏼

Where are you now and are you still skiing?
I’m in my second year at the University of Bath where I’m the Race Captain – we have over 30 racers of all ability and luckily everyone is always keen to give racing a go!

What would you say to young skiers just starting out and wanting to join the club?
Jump in a give it a go! Don’t be shy as everyone is always friendly, racing and dry slope is always difficult and challenging at first but it gets more and more easy very quickly!

In regards to the races, I’d start as soon as possible entering yourself in the smaller regional ones, it’s pretty daunting at first but after you have lots of races under your belt you will improve quicker and quicker – these are also a great way of meeting skiers from other clubs and parts of the country

What would you do a little differently?
Not compare yourself against other skiers – it’s easy to think everyone is watching you ski down which can feel embarrassing But it’s often not the case! Everyone has to start from somewhere but the more you keep at it and try to improve, the more confident you will feel and the more you will enjoy!